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Maite Enchanted

Maite Enchanted

France and India – 2018

Maité Delteil is a French artist. She shares her live and work with her husband Sakti Burman, between France and India. She presents her work, particulary her surrealistic landscapes with meticulous details…

Bengal Shadows

Bengal Shadows

West-Bengal- 2017

Bengal Shadows brings to light a lesser-known episode of the second World War : The 1943 famine , during which between 3 and 5 million people starved to death in West Bengal and current days Bangladesh.The works of artists such as Chittaprosad Bhattacharya and Zainul Abedin reflect this tragedy.


Cox's Bazar Cyclone shelters

Cox’s bazar Cyclone Shelters,

Bangladesh– 1998

The south of Bangladesh is regularly hit by deadly cyclones. Various NGO, funded by international organizations, have built cyclone shelters. These shelters can also be used as medical centers, schools…





Ballad with shakti

Ballad with Shakti

France and West Bengal- 2015

Ballad with Sakti is the portrait of sakti Burman, one of the great contemporary Indian artists.He has lived in Paris for nearly 60 years.    Warm and optimistic, he takes us to Calcutta, Delhi, Paris, and to Lot-et Garonne where we discover the places which marked his life and inspired his work.



Enlighting Bangladesh-Green Housing and Energy

Enlighting Bangladesh-Green Housing and Energy

France and Bangladesh- 2022

Fully aware of the environmental urgency, Dr. Mostaq Ahmed promotes the use of solar energy to address climate issues and to fulfill the needs of Bangladeshis. Thus, he is implicated in several projects throughout the country.

One of them is a solar crop irrigation project for farmers.This solution generates no carbon emissions, provides significant savings compared to traditional irrigation methods, and puts an end to diesel supply difficulties.